Standard SSRS Sub Report - Modify

I need to change a field in a sub report of Job Traveler.

The main report is Traveler
subreport is Traveler_Shipping_Schedule

I want to add ReqDueDate to the subreport. The field is used in the main report, but is not in the dataset of the subreport. I think I want to pass the value of ReqDueDate in parameter. I have added the parameter according to Microsofts documentation…

I save the main report and print and the subreport no longer is displayed. I have made no changes to the subreport at this time. I remove the parameter and the report prints with subreport.

I have tried to add the parameter added in the main report to the subreport and the subreport isn’t displayed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First off… Make sure you have the “Shipping Schedule” option checked on the form to print the Job Travlers.

  1. Add the Parameter to the SubReport
    With the settings (non-default values are highlighted):

  2. In the report, select the SubReport (It happens to be “Subreport23” on mine), and add a parameter as follows:

Save both RDLs, and test. You should see the report with ShipSchedule report.

  1. Back in the sub report, add a field (textbox), and set it’s expression to:

  2. Save subreport and test again.

Here’s what I see:

BTW - I often will temporarily change the background color of objects on a report. It helps to ensure you’re even working on the right report or section of the report.

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Subreport parameters are used to filter data in the subreport.

If what you want is to display new information in the subreport you need to modify the Dataset query to include it, add the Field and then add the controls to show it.

EDIT: Taking a closer look I see that the subreport only uses JobShip and ReqDueDate comes from JobHead, since this is a static field(there can only be one ReqDueDate value for the entire subreport) you should use the steps provided by @ckrusen to display the parameter in a textbox control.

Very helpful thanks. I owe you a coffee