Starship ITF4 or "Want to see a sky scraper launch into space?"

SpaceX conducted their 4th test flight of Starship. The rocket is 30 feet (9m) in diameter and 398 feet (121.3m) tall. That’s about a 30 story tall building. The launch was a bit foggy but the link below has some shots from SpaceX’s feed plus their in-flight cameras. After separation, the landing of the booster was pretty cool to see. Then after the coast phase, Starship reentry into the atmosphere was amazing since it’s hard to maintain communication at that time.




That poor little Flap!

Elmo Burning GIF

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The little flap that could. I’m shocked it was still able to articulate all the way to landing.

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No doubt! And that they had video and telemetry all the way to the end.

I love watching the launches - no matter who’s doing it - something cool happens every time.

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Totally, I watched Starliner launch yesterday and the docking at ISS today.

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