Start Menu Shortcut Disappearing

Has anyone else had issues with the Start Menu shortcuts disappearing if you have multiple environments, on a computer, from the same server? For instance, our backup server has our EDU, PILOT, and TRAIN environments. If we install all of these environments on a single machine (different folders in C:\Epicor) only the most recent install environment shortcut exists in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Epicor Software\Epicor ICE 3.2 Client\servername. All of the files from the other environments still exist in C:\Epicor.
I will also note that we are pushing these installations from our Lansweeper software deployment service. Here is the script that we are running:
“\ServerName\ERP10.2.700.0Deployment\ClientInstaller\E10Client.exe” /s SILENT=“YES” DESKTOPICO=“TRUE” SILENTINSTALLS=“Pilot on ServerName!NEWLINE!” TARGETDIR=c:\Epicor\ERP10.2Pilot SERVERLOC="\ServerName\erp10.2.700.0deployment"