Starting Bank Reconciliation 6 years after go Live - How can we clear all the old transactions?

Hello All,

We are trying to start the bank reconciliation process, but since there are 80,000 records (ARRcpt and APPay) to reconcile since we went live, the bank statement processing form is crashing and not posting.

Has anyone encountered this scenario throughout their career? What did you do?

Does anyone have a contact or the name of a datafix that helped you? Maybe an old case number that you raised to resolve this issue?

Thanks for any information/leads!


I think Epicor has a datafix to clear all old items and give you a starting point, unless you want to do from the beginning.

You will have to contact support or your CAM for that.

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I was going to cross post on a different thread to ask you if you had an idea :wink: looks like you found me anyways.

Thanks Vinay, I am working with support now.

Vinay, do you have this fix or the name of it?