Static PCID still in use


I am receiving an error stating that the Static PCID is still in use on another customer or another ship to address.

I have shipped all outstanding orders and invoiced them.
Is there a way of clearing the Static PCID’s so they can be used for more than one order?

I know the image is from Mobile Warehouse but it is within Epicor where I believe the issue lies.
I am currently using this out of the box no changes to base.


I don’t believe the static is intended for use with shipping. We use Dynamic for those. Once we use it, we never re-use it. If for some reason they have to change an address, then we have to scrap all of those PCIDs and repack the order (very rare).

When you use a PCID for picking, it assigns the customer’s information to that PCID. Even emptying it out will not clear that data.

Doug, thanks for the explanations on the static PCID. I have decided to use a portable bin location as it makes life a little bit easier.