STK-PLT Transaction Type

We just just acquired another site and have been “transferring” raw materials from one site to another through the Transfer Order Entry module and it is creating one sided GL transctions only.
Where is the Transaction Type setup for PLT-STK, STK-PLT?
I didn’t think Epicor allowed the posting of unbalanced entries???

STK-PLT are transfer order entries. If you are getting one sided journal items do you have a review journal?

Can you post part transaction history tracker screenshots for each site on a recently transferred part?

It posted. Nothing in the review journal.

If there is no review journal then things are ultimately in balance. Why your WIP report is not in balance is something for those with more finance knowledge than me on this forum.

What parameters are you using to run the Inv/Wip Reconciliation report?

There is setup done in Site Configuration under Transfer Definitions where you define which sites can transfer to other sites. Part of this is GL Control assignment to assign the GL account that “holds” the value of goods in transit. Check to make sure these controls are assigned.




One sided STK-PLT transactions were a bug where the user was in the wrong plant when they processed the transaction. It was fixed in a later E10 release but I don’t know the number.

Our solution was to set the PartTran.GLTrans flag to false so that we were able to post the remaining transactions. We do not have different GL Accounts for the different plants so there really wasn’t any GL Transaction with the transfer.

We ran into the same issue. Turns out we didn’t have the Transfer Definition GL Account set up correctly. The In Transit Account is simply a holding bucket for the COS related to the transfer parts. COS moves from PlantA Inventory to InTransit when Transfer Pack is Shipped and then from InTransit to PlantB Inventory when Transfer Pack is Received. Without the InTransit Account configured, you get one sided journal entries for the shipment and receiving transactions.



Hi Everyone, I know this is a very old post.

We just did this exact same thing. No GL account added. What is the fix on the transfer that was already shipped and received to make it post?

Once you add the GL controls for the transfer definition, the posting engine should use the new controls for any unposted transactions automatically. If the transactions are in the review journal, the journal will need to be cancelled and then the Inventory/WIP Reconciliation report run again, or the COS/WIP Capture process run to post.