Stock Status Report Error

When running the stock status for a certain date, 3/26/2021, we get the following error. I have checked all the part tran records and associated dates and times and cannot find anything unusual. If I run the report end 3/25/2021 it runs fine. I have seen this for AR Invoices but not the Stock Status report. Anyone else see this error?

System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlTypeException: SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM

Most likely problem is a bad Parttran.trandate value. Make a BAQ of the PartTran table, and look for a wonky trandate value. Note that the trandate and sysdate are not the same.

Once you find the offending record, open the data entry screen that created the record and correct the user entered date.

Thanks Calvin. I have looked at every transdate I can find and they all seem normal What does seem weird is I have some trans dates of 3/26 but the sysdate is 3/29. I have some other transdates of 3/26 where the sysdate is 3/01. I was wondering if having a sysdate greater than a transdate could be a problem, not sure

SysDate is the date when the transaction happened. TranDate is the date the user supplied.

Say 3/26 is a Friday, and a delivery arrived late in the day, and the PO Receipt wasn’t entered. Com Monday (3/29) the receiver does the PO Receipt, but enters the receipt date of 3/26 (the date it actually arrived). The parttran record is created on 3/29 (the date the PO Receipt entry actually occurred), the sysdate will be 3/29. The trandate will be 3/26.

SSR should have no issues with mismatching sysdate and trandate.

The way SSR works is it takes the current QOH, and backs out all the transactions later than the desired SSR date.

Was there a resolution, how would you fix this? We are a cloud install. I can’t change the PartTran records.

I have found a part class that is causing this error (there may be more) but when looking at the part tran records for the part class I do not see any wonky dates in the TranDate

You never want to change part tran records.

What symptoms are you seeing that makes you think there’s an issue with part tran records?

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Because everyone in the thread is talking about PartTran records. :wink: I had the exact same error message for the same report that they did.

In our case it turned out to be invalid CureDates (and one should also check MfgDate) in PartLot.

I luckily stumbled into someone who had a client who had this issue.