Stock Status report question

Last day of July question:
1. Where are the input fields for the unit cost in the stock status report ,
what files update this field in the stock status report? We have experienced
zero's in the cost fields of stock status report , where we thought we had
the correct cost fields populated, Are there different inputs for purchased
or manufactured parts?

2. What is the best recommended field to code part information, I have a
series of part numbers that are part of a large project for a customer , I
want to track cost and performance, and shipping and other data about these
parts . They cross all of our work centers and are very diverse in their
manufacturing process. Would ProdCode in "PART" be a good field to apply a
unique identifier?

Thanks in advance,

Bruce D. Allen
Bracalente Mfg Co Inc
Vantage 4.00.807 Progress 9.0B

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