Stock Status vs sum warehouse by average cost

So I need some help trying to understand some accounting. Specifically the stock status report. I have a dashboard that looks at quantity on hand, and multiplies by average cost. If I sum that up, we have $2.7M. If I run the stock status report, it shows $1.8M. These numbers should be closer than that right?

what kind of things do I need to look for to see if we have problems?

(sorry about the super vague question, I barely dabble in accounting so I don’t always know what I am looking at)

From previous posts that I’v seen several people mention that report has had problems. But in the latest version 10.2 and up I have seen a few release notes fixing items regarding it.

When you run the Stock status, are you including Non-Nettable? Non-Stock? Is that similar to your dashboard.

Where the SS report really falls down on total value is if you use any date other than today. No predictable results.

Mark W.

Another question is are you sure that ALL your parts are average costed (at the Site level)?

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Here’s the settings of the report. It should include everything. We don’t use any non-nettable bins. I’m including stock and non-stock in both. Everything is average costed, (nobody wanted to do the work of setting up standard cost when inventory was first set up before I got here, so they just took the average shortcut, and I’ve spent a lot of time putting in stop gaps to make sure the system doesn’t get fubarred when transactions don’t happen in the correct order. More than you probably wanted to know…)

edit, It’s the planning contract info! if I exclude that, we are right on.