Stop transaction when clicking No button in a BPM Data Form

Hello does anybody know if there is a way to stop the execution of a BPM in a pre processing when clicking No button in a BPM Data Form? We don’t want to display any message.


Set a new button up for cancel with a value of 1112 and handle as desired in a condition. OK button is already 1111. After you BPM Form block add condition block “If BpmData.ButtonValue = 1111 then do the rest of my BPM else nada”

Thanks for the answer, we are using the Data Form in the PO.ChangeVendor pre processing method and we do some validations according to the entered vendor, if certain criteria is met we display the BPM data form and ask the user is he/she wants to continue if yes is clicked the vendor is loaded if not it shouldn’t (that’s why we are trying to find a way to stop the execution without sending any message).

The issue is, to stop the processing you’d throw an Exception. Unfortunately, you cant throw a silent exception in a BPM.

You could perhaps play with modifying the row mods to be empty, maybe that would avoid the base logic (not sure I’d have to look at BO code).

Another option might be to move your validation to the form, before the change even happens

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How about if they click no, set the VendorID="" (BLANK) and see what happens.

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That was the workaround we did, although after doing that we got the Invalid Supplier message but it was Ok.

Thank you

Thank you Chris!

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