Strange Data Collection Problem

We have a shift that spans midnight, and we find no problems with jobs that
span midnight.

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Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2000 9:11 AM
Subject: [Vantage] Strange Data Collection Problem

We seem to be having a problem in Vantage 4.0, with data collection for
employees on a shift that starts at 15:30 and ends at 02:00. We have only 3
employees who work this shift which spans midnight. When they clock on &
off jobs that span 24:00, the clock-in / clock-out hours do not seem to
register correctly. There seem to be several clock-ins and clock-outs at
the exact same time, giving 0 labor hrs, but these show up only on
clock-outs after 24:00 - so I'm discounting operator error. I was
wondering if anyone else has seem similar problems with a shift that spans

Jerry M Nettik
Systems Administrator
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co

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