Strange happenings with Job Entry

I’m not even sure how to explain this… except to say there are some very strange things happening when trying to create a job for a specific part.

Here’s a screenshot of the method for our p/n 600.000089 Rev C2.

When we go to Job Entry or Quick Job Entry and create a job for this part the structure looks like this:

If we try to make changes to the material on the Job, we end up with additional parts and additional operations. At the moment this seems to be isolated to this part number but I truly have no idea where to start with this …

I’ve seen this behavior when a material part that’s manufactured was incorrectly marked to pull as assembly (I think). I forget the exact thing that was marked incorrectly, but essentially it has to do with those “extra” operations/materials coming from a subassembly on the BOM.

It looks like 460.000097 is marked as a ‘Phantom BOM’, meaning it gets ‘dissolved’ and its method components (operations and materials) get added to the parent assembly when used on a job.

The Phantom BOM setting can be found in Part Maintenance.

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Oh, yes! This was the scenario we ran into. Phantom BOMs had operations added to them, which caused this issue for us.

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That makes sense… but the 460.000097 isn’t set as a Phantom Bom. I double checked all of the sub-assemblies in the overall structure and none are set as Phantom Bom. I also checked the method to see how the sub-assemblies are set up and everything is set to “View as assembly”

Update – well I’ve gone back and looked at 460.000097 and on the Site Detail tab the part is marked as “Phantom Bom” but on the Part Detail tab it’s not marked that way. So I’m not sure who did what and where or why…but this definitely explains the problem!