Strange Mtl Unit Cost Calculation in Part Tran Hist Tracker

How is it possible that my Material Unit Cost went from .59240 to 17.46061? The ADJ-CST transaction was not a manual entry, this was generated by Epicor. The reference is “Inventory Variance - Pack Slip 3728-5”. Does anyone have any ideas what is happening here?

What’s the cost method on this part?


On that PO Line, what was the PUM vs IUM and the conversion value?

Purchasing UOM vs Inventory UOM and the purchase price?

PUM and IUM are Each and there isn’t a conversion value. We have several other receipts against this PO and didn’t have the ADJ-CST transaction.


And Receipt Trackers shows the same values for this date?

Yes, below is a screen shot of the receipt

Hmm. :thinking:

Agreed. :confused:

Interesting find in my part tran table… not sure how the beginning material unit cost calculated at 18.05301

The fact that your QOH was negative before that PO receipt may have something to do with it. Avg costing does some odd things when the QOH of the existing inventory is negative.

For ADJ-CST transactions the “mtl cost” isn’t the unit cost, but rather a temporary cost while re-valuing the inventory. If the cost method was LAST, you see this when the existing inventory is revalued.

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The unfortunate thing is it posted a large dollar value in one of our GL accounts, which is what led to its discovery. I really don’t understand how/why it calculated 17.46 as a unit cost. They’ve never been received in at that cost or any cost even remotely near it and with the exception of this one transaction, none of the transactions ever exceeded $0.65.

Did you check if someone changed the costing method on the part to standard possibly? We’ve had that happen and it caused these types of transactions.

Another thing to check is if there’s a strange unit of measure conversion going on.

No change to cost method (nothing in change log and it’s currently set to average) and nothing going on with the UOM conversion, it’s an Each and multiplies by 1.

Anybody have any follow up comments on this one? I am looking at the same type of transactions sporadically. The last one was a day after we switched from FIFO to STD costing, there are a handful on this part prior, but nothing about a cost method change anywhere near those.


Can you send a screen snip of your part Tran history tracker? It would be interesting to see a few of the running totals and details like the first post.

This is what we are seeing. Some kind of adjustment using the wrong uom price as well. The Sq inches got adjusted with the cost of sq ft. leading to a $106K adjustment…

I am on 10.1.500.45, so not on Epicor 9. The similarities are too great though…

I’d add the PartTran.TranNum column, and sort by that.

Since transactions can be back dated, sorting them based on the Tran Date might make things look like the happened in a specific order, when they actually didn’t.

FWIW - the ratio of the cost of $7.74 / $0.05375 is 144. Or the conversion from SQIN to SQFT.

I’d guess that PO 146826 had the price entered for UM of sqin,