Sub Assembly Components repeating on traveler?

It never did this until I had a phone call with Epicor to help our test database. This is our live but I downloaded and later on uploaded the custom report traveler. Report data definition looks good (although not the strongest in this area) but it looks like how I would connect the tables is sql. Any thoughts?

Looks like a join issue to me, either in the RDD on in the datasource in the RDL itself

That is my thinking but I am comparing it to the stock and I just can’t see it. I am limiting it to just the sub assy, maybe I should expand.

May look in the RDL again.

I am thinking the join the in RDL is the culprit - you can confirm by running the report with ARCHIVE on (for at least a day), then locating the tables for that report (i.e PilotReports or similar) and look at the records there to see if there are dupes, no dupes = RDL issue

It is in the join and I cannot find it! It is definitely in the JobOper and JobOperDtl joins. Any ideas? Here is my sql and its results.

from Erp.JobHead as JobHead
left OUTER join Erp.JobAsmbl as JobAsmbl on
JobHead.Company = JobAsmbl.Company
and JobHead.JobNum = JobAsmbl.JobNum
LEFT OUTER join Erp.JobOper as JobOper on
JobAsmbl.Company = JobOper.Company
and JobAsmbl.JobNum = JobOper.JobNum
and JobAsmbl.AssemblySeq = JobOper.AssemblySeq
LEFT OUTER join Erp.JobOpDtl as JobOpDtl on
JobOper.Company = JobOpDtl.Company
and JobOper.JobNum = JobOpDtl.JobNum
and JobOper.AssemblySeq = JobOpDtl.AssemblySeq
and JobOper.OprSeq = JobOpDtl.OprSeq
LEFT OUTER join Erp.JobMtl as JobMtl on
JobAsmbl.Company = JobMtl.Company
and JobAsmbl.JobNum = JobMtl.JobNum
and JobAsmbl.AssemblySeq = JobMtl.AssemblySeq
WHERE JobHead.JobNum = ‘PA14408R’


JobOpDtl are sch resources - do you need them in your results?

Let me check what Job Traveler is using it for and see.

The traveler (even standard one) is using that table for a bunch of calculations and production sizes, etc.