Subcontract PO Qty

Good morning guys,

We have a situation and I would like to know if this issue does come up at your institutions and how you are dealing with it.

Let’s say we have a job for 10 pcs. We are working through op 10, 20, 30 (scrapped 2 pcs, 8 good pcs remaining). QA is scrapping the pieces via MES.

Now op 40 is a subcontract operation and the buyers are cutting POs to the processing vendor. When we go to Purchase Order Entry and cut a PO for this op 40, it automatically grabs the job qty (which is for 10 pcs) and uses that as the PO qty. So now, our PO is for 10 pcs.

This does confuse our vendors as we only send them the 8 good pcs instead of the 10 pcs (as per PO and original job qty). Our current solution is per the following:

  • QA scrapped the 2 pcs → manually adjust the job qty from 10 to 8.
  • Buyers cut the POs base on the newly adjusted job qty.

This involved a lot of manual steps and back-and-forth communication. Is there a better solution to solve this? I am open to any suggestions.


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I would look into the Production Yield Recalculation process. I just learned about it myself, so I cannot really give any good pointers. But it sounds like it would be beneficial for you in this situation.

Hi John,

Thanks for your comment. I just tried PYRC and it works as expected.

QA issued NCR for 2 pcs. I ran the process and the job qty was reduced.

Couples settings that you will need to fine-tune prior:

Site setting:
Operation setting:

Also, that operation will need to be marked as “Completed”.

Here is the issue that I still face: when ending activity in MES, both suspect and scrap will trigger the qty reduction when PYRC is running. However, when I try to accept the suspected qty back to the job from the NCR, given that I re-run PYRC, it didnt adjust the job qty back up. Any ideas?


I am no expert, so I can’t say 100%, but I do not think it will adjust jobs up, only down.

I was going to ask what you meant by “scrap” as it could have been the Scrap or the NCR. I’m not sure that there is a way to systematically handle this in Epicor. Sorry I could not be more help.

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