Subcontract PO Received but no cost yet

We have some outside processing vendors who we issue a blank PO for the material and will receive it back but we might not know the costs until several weeks later. Yes, it would be great for them to return the material with costs but it often never happens (only talking $40-50 on average).

I have not been able to find a way to show these parts as received for our production team without actually receiving them in with a zero costs. When we do this then we have to go back and unreceive, open up PO and add the costs then receive again.

Anybody have any thoughts on how to show these as received and then be able to adjust costs and actually receive? I was thinking about a UDF check mark on the PO release but wasn’t sure if anybody else had tackled this issue. Also - the production team views all this information per project in a dashboard so a UDF field shouldn’t be a big issue.


I believe that there is an option on the company config to allow supplier price changes on the receipt itself.

Downside it then the PO price will not match up with the receipt and invoice, but that is a possibility.

Brad Boes

Potential to use a subcontract job? You can override the costs at the MFG-STK transaction ideal no, but wouldn’t require the backtracking.

The option to allow supplier price change on the receipt would be ideal if you could limit it to a certain type of PO – subcontract – or even part class but unfortunately that would leave us exposed for potential errors. I will have to try out the process of a subcontract job - thanks for the suggestions!