Subcontract Purchase Order Not Generating

We have a few stock parts set up for subcontract purchase orders that aren’t generating subcontract suggestions. Part A has only one operation on it - the subcontract op (its marked subcontract and has a vendor on it). Part A utilizes material that we buy from a vendor and the vendor sends it directly to the heat treater. We NEVER receive the material in house until after it goes to the heat treater, so we have the material part as non-stock and it is bought directly to the stock job.

When the vendor contacts us that the material is going to the heat treater we receive the material to the purchase order. Is the reason we arent getting a suggestion because the material is non-stock so once its received its applied to the job so there is nothing to move? If not, does anyone know what the issue is?

Note: The parts we manufacture in house that then go to heat treat generate subcontract suggestions just fine. Its only the ones where we buy the subcomponent outside and send it direct to the heat treater that have this issue.

Is the manufactured part set up for MRP suggestions (Process MRP is checked)? It shouldn’t matter that the material for the job is non-stock/buy to the job.

To create the Subcontract suggestion, the part should:
1. Be a manufactured part
2. Have the Process MRP flag checked on the Sites/Planning tab
2. Have an approved method with the operation being added as a subcontract operation

Hmmm the part is marked manufactured. The Process MRP flag is checked on the manufactured part and it has an approved revision with a subcontract operation.

Wonder what your processing sequence looks like?
Possible some sequences could open you up to timing problems with subcontract?
FWIW… I tried the sequence below on a test system & received suggestions I expected.
SO Entry
– Line PN: Hardened Part
– Approved Revision
– Manufactured and NonStock (on site sheet of part master)
– Wizard Created Job (Engineered and Scheduled)
----- JobOp: SubContract
----- JobMtl: Purchased Direct
Generate PO Suggestions (Full Regen)
– Sugg to PO - Job Subcontract
– Sugg to PO - Buy Mtl to Job

In Part, do you have a buyer set up:

I remember that we had issues not seeing certain things if this wasn’t set up.

Yep. It has a buyer.

Any ideas as to which processing sequence could be an issue? What you laid out above is exactly how we have our part set up, so we must have some setting that is causing this problem.

And Generate PO Suggestions is checked?

One thing I was wondering - if did not use the job wizard in order entry to create the job but instead ran MRP after the order is entered - that might introduce some timing issues. Other places I’d look might be the part master planning sheets, or the Suppliers/Supplier Parts or… due dates on so/job/ops/etc…
Also I was assuming you have two part numbers - one for the “hardened” part on the SO/Job and another number for the “unhardened” part?

And do you have a test system where you can experiment ( and use full regen for MRP/Suggestions - with highest logging options)?

Hi Beth,
i was asking myself is "generate po suggestion " is mandatory for subcontracted part, as it is the mrp that generate the PO, and the part is flagged “manufactured”.

in Kinetic, the checkbox is grayed