Super basic change to defualt SSRS job traveler


I want to make two simple changes to the job traveler form. I want to change the font for the job comments and I want all page breaks removed - right now there are random blank pages.

I copied the default, downloaded it, and successfully changed the job comment font, but I am still getting the random blank pages. If I preview as a word document the blank pages are not present, but if I preview as PDF or print from epicor the blank pages are present. I tried looking for page breaks but I couldn’t find any.

Any ideas? This seems like it should be super simple.

I think this is more of an SSRS question than an Epicor one.

You might be better off Google’n for: SSRS random page breaks
Page breaks in SSRS is a pretty common topic, there are lots of related threads out there.

There’s a problem in the default in some versions of the Job Traveler where one of the subreports is too big,don’t remember which one. Try shrinking the margins, if that doesn’t work you’ll have to figure out which subreport it is and make it a little smaller.