Supplier - Global checkbox

I have multiple companies and in the main/primary company, we would check the checkbox “Global” for global suppliers. When we check this box, it would allow us to global link to the other companies. I am curious as to how or logic Epicor use to determine that it is global linkage from the other company since the field “GlobalVendor” in the “Vendor” table is set to 0 (false) for the other companies.

As you can see, the checkbox is uncheck, but the “GLOBAL” button is green indicating that this is a global vendor from the other companies. Just want to understand the logic behind this for reporting purposes.

All things global can be found in the Multi-Site Technical Reference Guide.

Thanks Mark. That reference guide explained how to set up global linkage. However, still does not explain the logic behind the “Global” button why it is green when the field “GlobalVendor” is set to 0 (not the parent compan). The parent company is set to 1 (true), but the other company is set to 0 (false).

So I don’t know if the logic is that if the parent company is set to “Global” and if supplier exists in the other company, then it is automatically “Global”? I’ll post this with Epicare and see if they can explain. Thought I check with the forum and see if anyone know before posting through Epicare.

I don’t think so. As the document says, for any global object, clicking Global puts it into the glb{table} version of the database. Are you running the Intercompany process? Do you have the Companies set up for Global Purchasing? Are the two suppliers linked?

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Ah that could be it with the “GLB{table}”. That Vendor that I was questioning is in the “Erp.GlbVendor” table. So that probably explained why the “GLOBAL” button is green even though the “GlobalVendor” field is 0.

Thank you. I will look at other ones and see if it follows the same pattern, but I think what you mentioned with the table “Glb{table}” is probably it.