Supplier Price List - Job/Project Specific

Is there a way to have job or project specific supplier pricing? I’ve thought about creating new part numbers to load into Supplier Price List, but wanted to see if someone has come up with better solutions. I don’t see any system features to accomplish this.

You want the price (i.e the cost of the part) to vary based on the job it’s being bought for and/or used in?

Or do you mean the selling price?

Cost of the part based on the job. We have vendors that give deals on certain projects but keep pricing the same for everything else.

It’s not a simple percentage off either. It’s an entirely separate pricing structure, so we would have to load prices by the part number.

So if you used anvils in your production, and you normally pay $100 from ACME, they’d give you a special price of $90 if it is going into a Roadrunner trap?


Hi JaqJaq,

Do you use the Quote Module? You can do direct cost in there along with the supplier. It promotes Make To Job but it sounds like what you want to do in this instance.

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First thing that comes to mind would be to setup Purchase Points for the supplier. I’ve never used them, but maybe you can assign different prices per purchase point.

exactly :slight_smile:

I have not used Purchase Points either, but I’ll check into that!

Hey Mark! We do use the quote module. I think you’re suggesting to enter the specific pricing when we load the BOM into the quote; please correct if I misunderstood. Whenever I try that, the system overrides the cost to use the Supplier Price List instead (which we would have in this case due to needing the original supplier pricing on other purchases outside of this project).

We also use the Buy to Order functionality a lot, and that uses Supplier Price List too.

Whelp … Purchase Points only lets you speciy alternate addresses that the supplier may ship from.


And I don’t think you can have more than one Supplier Price List per supplier. :frowning:

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So it starts with Supplier Price Lists and you can override, correct?

The issue is this recurs and you don’t want to have to override then, right?


If you use the RFQ part of quoting this ties the quote and price list just to that quote.


Is the BOM for these parts going to be Purchase direct to the job? or are these part going into inventory first?

You need the special price to be used during quote / job entry, AND be used on the PO?

Back to the ACME Anvil case. Say your Widget consists of (1) Anvil, (1) Vinyl Circular Target, and (1) box of bird seed. And the cost should be like:

       Normal   Cost when used 
Item   Cost     on Project "WEC"
====== =======  =================
ANVIL  $100     $90
TARGET  $25     $20
SEED    $15     $15

You want the special cost to appear in the quote/job entry. And on the PO’s related to that Jop/project.

Are any of these Qty Bearing? If so that would cause complications if they were ever received to inventory (create cost adj’s, variances, re-calc unit cost, etc…).

Can you confirm if you are talking about purchasing Materials or Subcontract (aka services)?

ohh that sounds like it might work! I haven’t used RFQ before. I’ll play around with that and report back! Thank you.

We would have use cases for both. We purchase material direct to the job and use the inventory/buy to order functionality too.

Material only :slight_smile:

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Be mindful of your costing method for something like this. if you are purchase direct to the job, then costing method doesnt matter.
but if you are buying to inventory then the costing method would matter. especially if you need the different prices to reflect in the COGS for the job/project