Supplier Purchase Point Search - update

I want to create my own Search result from Job Entry/ Purchasing Supplier ID.
I’m thinking I should use Quick Search - Base Default. But somehow it does not appear when I click on Job Entry/Supplier ID, it appears when I click Supplier Purchase Point Search/Supplier ID. Could any one know how to fix this?

Create a BAQ and use a BAQ search.

Because this is a multi-field search, it may be more complicated that you want.
What things about the search are you trying to change? If you simply need more/less fields, there are other options.

Hi Jason,
Because the currency is matter to us, so only one currency and one AP Account GL Control is attached to one supplier.

I want to add more fieldson the search, so that AP Account GL Control is visible at search.


Will you know the Supplier, but want to search for the Purchase Point, or do both fields need to be returned?
Personally, I would try to see if I could customize the standard search. Use the wizard to add a BeforeAdapterMethod on vendorPPSearchAdapter and then add whatever fields you need to see. If the field is not there, a BPM might be used to add data to a field or to overwrite a value to be displayed.

	private void oTrans_vendorPPSearchAdapter_BeforeAdapterMethod(object sender, BeforeAdapterMethodArgs args)
		// ** Argument Properties and Uses **
		// ** args.MethodName **
		// ** Add Event Handler Code **

		// ** Use MessageBox to find adapter method name
		// EpiMessageBox.Show(args.MethodName)
		switch (args.MethodName)
			case "GetList":
			case "GetRows":
				EpiSearchBase adapterSearchForm = oTrans_vendorPPSearchAdapter.SearchForm;
                // Paramters: Data Column Name, Column Header Text, Width, Is Result, Position
                adapterSearchForm.SetEpiSearchColumn(new EpiSearchColumn("VendorID", "Supplier", -1, true, 0), true);
                adapterSearchForm.SetEpiSearchColumn(new EpiSearchColumn("VendorName", "Name", -1, true, 1), true);
                adapterSearchForm.SetEpiSearchColumn(new EpiSearchColumn("PurPoint", "Purchase Point", -1, true, 2), true);
				//Add more columns as needed.