Suppliers Changing Ownership - Use Change ID, or Setup New Supplier?

Our suppliers occasionally get bought out, and the new ownership has a different name and tax ID.

Do you just press the Change ID button, give a new ID, and then change the supplier name and tax ID? This is easy and keeps the history, but finance is concerned about tax reporting in the year we have both the old and new ownership.

Or do you go through the headache of setting up a new supplier, and then with DMT, migrate everything that was associated with the old supplier over to the new one? Buyers, Approved Vendor Lists, Price Lists, Lead Times, Etc…

How do you all do it?

@askulte Change ID

The “Change ID” button was implemented for precisely this scenario. HOWEVER, your Finance group has a point. There can be tax consequences.

How it shakes out in your company might end up being more of a political question than a practical one. Can I really say that in an open forum?