Support Agreements-results of survey

I did only receive 6 replies (2 of which have actual experience or knowledge
of the reduced support agreement available)

10 hour support level. (my understanding...get details from Epicor before
making your own decision.)
* Once you exceed you buy an additional 10 hours.
* Not really all that much of a cost reduction. We have 30 office
users and 15 datacollection. Savings of approx. $3,000. Full support is
15% of current purchase price at your user level. Reduced is approx. 12.5%
* Full use of the Internet site.
* Updates still 'free'
* If your inquiry results in a reported incident, the time does not
count against your total hours.
* You would have to limit who could call in within your
company...Epicor cannot control who is calling in with simple questions that
could have been solved without Epicor help.

Peoples comments:
* One reply was on reduced (but has been on Vantage for three years
and has the source code) and would 'NOT recommend reduced maintenance if you
don't have the source code.'
* One reply said they worked for another company at one time and did
use the reduced, but had been on Vantage for 6 years. Their current status
is at full support, as the new location in still in the early live stage.
* The remaining replies were cost/service/I-didn't-know-it-possible

Personally, if you don't have an expert inhouse, with the time to handle the
web-site search, and you are fairly new (aren't we all...4.0 is new and then
the next level??)...Plan on the full support and search for ways to make up
the cost in other areas....