Support Issues ... (again)

This is really the crux of all my problems. Proper communication and transparency would make dealing with support much easier.

I had an issue that was misinterpreted as cosmetic (though actually effected functionality). The original problem was entered correctly too. It took a lot of prodding and asking why nothing had been done for the support agent to tell me that “it’s not priority because it’s a cosmetic issue” which was wrong.


I’ll throw my .02 in here. Most of the issues that you guys have brought up are the very reason this community was created. Epicor cannot (and has no incentive to) help most people with most issues. This community does that!!

Look at the recent issues with the Microsoft updates! Who found it? Who found the resolution? If you type that issue in Google what do you find?

That is what the community is for.

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I absolutely love this community! But I don’t think the community is here to help support the issues I’ve mentioned

Documented features not being available, and lack of checks resulting in crashes seems like it should really rest with the company selling the product (plus selling product support) and their development team.

@John_Mitchell I have consulted the community about these issues in the past too.

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Back to the Surveys question - is anyone getting Survey Emails? I haven’t seen one in a year. Is their Survey Algorithm broken not to send emails out? or are they magically just somewhere being eaten by my spam filters.

Anyone getting Survey Emails after the closure of a ticket?

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@hasokeric after you close the case a “take survey” button appears where “disable notifications” is in epiccare

I haven’t received emails for recent cases either


While I am not going to be able to solve all the issues , I am certainly happy to help escalate if some processes have broken down - for those that feel strongly please drop me an email I will follow up with you and the leadership team.
Please summarize and give me context outline the journey, frustrations, ideal outcomes and where we missed expectations.
The community is a great source of knowledge but we are here to help and resolve issues.


I’ve found that the deficiencies that ebb and flo’ through support over the years have only helped me become a stronger user. I’m forced to solve whatever problem is in front of me. Sure, I get frustrated by specific support reps but I also understand they, like everyone else, are stretched thinner than a welfare sandwich.

They have to filter 50 stupid or irrelevant requests for every 1 valid one. And you know what, some of the vet support reps might be understandably jaded when they get your seemingly innocuous request, the rest are green and truly want to help but don’t know how to help. Feel like you know more than support? Well it’s because you probably do, but how do you teach someone to support a product they don’t use like we use all day every day. How do you teach someone new 10 years of a users experience in just a few months? Significant challenges no doubt.

I’ve spoken with the executive teams about support issues and they really do want to make it better, but just as we feel getting support can be climbing a mountain, they have their own mountain of trying to train on an ever evolving/massive product, with a revolving door of employees, in a thankless position. A considerable hurdle no doubt.

If your organization has managed to meet the top level efficiencies in all departments, perfect communication, low turn over, quick training… reach out to Epicor and share those secrets :slight_smile:

PS We’ll take a few of those secrets too lol