Support Issues ... (again)

Welcome to the Club. Did we just become best friends?


Sounds like it!

It’s really a shame too because I love the community and believe the software is really capable. The issues have made me consider if another switching to another ERP solution with better support (vs upgrading to E11) may be better for our business in the long run.

Also really can’t say I find the E11 interface attractive, at least from the pictures you shared.

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Can I join the club? I don’t look forward to working with Epicor support. We’ve had less than stellar support lately.


Guys come on support bashing is an old Trope, we get it support sucks sometimes. It does, but yet another topic about this is just not going to help anyone, plus it’s off topic. (from the original thread)

Let’s keep focused.

Support sucks everywhere by the way, SAP is awful, oracle is the WORST my wife works with Oracle ERP System and hates them too.

Support is a thankless hard job and has a lot of turn over there are great support agents and bad support agents.

Let’s move on yeah? Split onto its own topic.


Certainly not trying to bash anybody! It’s hard to move on when problems have affected your business for years with no resolution though.


Oh I agree there are issues that don’t get resolved and it is super frustrating.

Just trying to keep the conversation topic focused, and also making sure it doesn’t turn into a support hate fest (not the first time it happens) it is just not constructive.


Hey @asalvatore I know you had a list of bugs you mentioned. I have the same but I was told they wouldnt be addressed unless the issues are “raised again” by the Customer by Epicor’s Head of Support.

So… anything you reported, you can forget about. I know another person on the forums who had a call with Epicors Head of Support who was told the same.

Anything in the past reported is… umm considered cold turkey.


That’s basically what’s being done to me. All these issue I keep getting told to put enhancements in for, nothing I described was an enhancement however.

The configurator purchase order record creation too was my biggest issue. A feature is documented and I was being told to put an enhancement in for it - quite silly.

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Jose how do we resolve them once and for all? Lets make it constructive? Do we make one of those pages that people pre-fill in text to send to your senator and we all mass email Epicor Support the same script “Make Support Great” ?

I dont know how to fix it without being a douche – it seems like talks have failed. Whats Epicors new slogan? For Customers By Customers?

The one guy that we had good talks with got told not to come to the forums anymore.

I am definitely not feeling that slogan.


@hasokeric talk to your cam, escalate the call, there’s an escalation list. that failing ping higher ups @Edge, Himanshu etc…

open a post here about your issue constructively state the issue, the proposed solution why it works or doesn’t? Go to Ideas and add the idea (if its a new feature)

My issue is not that we can’t criticzie support or hold them to a higher standard… (we should)

My issue is that it always devolves into “THEY SUCK” and #MineSupportSucksToo bashing that is not constructive in any way.

If you have an issue that is not being address please do escalate it in all the above ways. Sometimes though the answer is no, just because you want a certain feature doesn’t mean the company is going to implement it (that sucks I know)

All I ask is that we keep it civil, constructive and professional let’s try to solve the issue without devolving the conversation.


Well my issue is just that jumping through support is like climbing mount everest. When I resolve a ticket… I am burned out. :smiley:

Are you guys all still getting Surveys for your tickets? I am not. I forgot about Surveys, simply rating them a 0 could show some KPI’s.


The surveys are huge they look at them @aidacra looks at them and so do others. Yes climbing that mountain is difficult but imagine what would happen if every issue that was entered immediately ended up in a development queue.

They need a way to triage the stuff test it, and make sure it is indeed an issue before taking more action. That means we have to sometimes go through the low level support folks and over explain stuff and repeat it is part of the process. It is not pleasant (I agree) but what other solution is there?


Can you point us to ideas?

And like @hasokeric said. It is really tiring to keep having to escalate. Demonstrate the issue to multiple people. Go back and fourth for weeks. All to have a problem finally entered - and then sit with nothing done for years.

Do I have to follow up on everything constantly for anything to get done?

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OMG, users probably say that about us!!!

Sure the link to it is on EpicCare


I support over 500+ people at my company along with my team, sometimes we have to say no… or we “ignore” (push it to the bottom of the queue) a request because we are working on 30 other requests that are more impactful and I’m sure those folks think we “suck”
There’s 3 or 4 of us to support 500+ people…

I imagine that ration is about right on par with Epicor too

Support is a thankless job


I must say my experience since upgrading to 10.2.700 and even a bit before that has been very positive compared to years ago. Very fast responses. Not everything solved, but there is an effort and some things have been submitted for fixes pretty quickly. That was not my experience a few years back.

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You have to look at the problem on a scale compared to everyone else. How bad is your issue? is there a work around? how many clients does it affect?

We all live in a bubble but the reality of it is Epicor supports thousands of users and on top of that they are constantly innovating the product so sometimes problems that have a work around or a very small impact are not going to be top priority.

I agree it is frustrating, but I have walked in their shoes for years there’s only 24 hours in a day and only so much you can do at once.

If the problem is impacting your company drastically continue escalating and bringing it up, here on epic-care etc. They do fix things, I know they’ve fixed a ton of tickets I’ve put in… (they’ve also ignored a ton of them or added it to the problem queue)

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I agree with your response and what they have to deal with. No answer and no updates from them, however, is driving most of my frustration.


Scheduling issues related to the receive time not allowing us to implement the scheduling scheme originally designed for us by our consultants.

A useless configurator developed to use the PO record creation, and an annoyed purchaser that has to constantly create new parts.

Stuck jobs and issues on the database and app server from a stuck process. Resolved probably by an IF statement to see if the job already exists - but resulting in a time consuming and annoying fix if a user messes up.

I got PRBs issued for all of these. In the past I’ve had problems issued, communication was always poor, like problems being rejected because it was resolved on a future version - but no notice given to me. ERPS put in and then rejected with communication that it was rejected. It’s hard to advocate and follow up on stuff when problems disappear and items are rejected without notice.

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