Suppress PO Line/Release Due Date Sync Message

We recently upgraded to 10.2.200 from 10.0.700.4, and now whenever the due date is changed on a PO line and the PO is saved, Epicor asks if all releases should be updated with the same date. If there is only one release, we would like to update that release with the new line due date. Otherwise, if there are multiple releases, then the earliest release due should be changed to the line’s due date. Has anyone automated this process and been able to remove the prompt?

Interestingly, Epicor handles the reverse updates correctly. If the release due date on a single-release line is updated, the line due date updates accordingly. If release dates on a multiple-release line are changed, the line due date picks the earliest release due date automatically.

I have not done it, however I have had to do something similar on the Shipping Screen, where Epicor’s Adapter had a MessageBox hard-coded and you could not suppress it.

I ended up handling the Adapter logic myself by using the BO (Business Object) instead of the Adapter and calling args.Cancel = true; which tells Epicor that you handled it. (But you want to Trace it first to make sure you call all Methods that Epicor calls in the same order (sometimes there are more))

I know this doesn’t solve your issue, but it may drive an idea.

args.Cancel = true; // stops Epicor from executing its Adapter, since I've handled the same logic myself so I can control the msgbox
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Since this is in the screen and the BO does have an UpdateMaster Method, you would have to do something fancy like shown above. Alternatively, you can set the Release to have “Lock Date” set. This may solve your issue (even if it bugs the user).

Thanks @hkeric.wci and @Jason_Woods for the replies.