Switching from average cost to standard cost

Has anyone ever went through the motions in Epicor 9 switching from average cost to standard costs? We are looking at doing it in small steps changing certain product lines parts but was wondering if there are any logistical nightmares in doing this. Do we have to issue parts differently? If anyone has ever gone through this, I’d love to hear their experience.

Our Steps were basically:
Turn On data directive for pop up message if new parts entered are not set to STD costing.
Accounting when updating costing to monitor both AVG and STD cost fields.
Review All Custom Dashboards and Reports that use AVG costing and switch to STD or program to be smart enough to display whatever the part is set to.
Exported all the Manufactured Active Parts, Costing, to excel.
Copied Average fields to Std Fields, Reason Field: 03 Price/Cost Update, Reference Field: “Moving to Standard Costs”.
Pasted all records back in.
Manually updated all active parts buy updating “Ave” costing to “Std”.
Say yes to update plant level change. (Monitored with a BAQ by IT Department.)
Parts with stock need to have stock adjusted out first, then adjusted back in.
Updated Data Directive to show message in part entry when manufactured part is saved and is not set to STD costing = info message.
Catch an INACTIVE part which now gets ACTIVATED but was originally AVG costing.

Patrick Winter

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