Sync Dataset is now removed from V11 or 2021.1 is that good or bad

The Sync Dataset button has been removed from the Report Style dialog in V11 i.e. 2021.1.

I used to (and still do) counsel people to NEVER use that button.

However, i must admit that for BAQ Reports I “secretly” used it to copy over added fields and labels from the BAQ. I found it rarely failed on BAQ reports.

Standard Epicor reports - it was akin to Russian roulette - spin the chamber and pull the trigger :smile:

So it is with some regret that I see it go away.

Sadly Epicor has NOT introduced a more interactive version of the Sync Dataset - they just eliminated it - so adding fields is COMPLETELY MANUAL ( I used all caps there :frowning: )

They do have a new “Analyze and Include RDD” which i am told by support is: “that function serves one specific purpose: adding standard fields and tables back to a style if you have removed them”

Good Bye Sync Dataset - Now if i only could find a purpose for the pile of hair i pulled out using that button :smile:


While that “button that shall not be named” did have it use in BAQ Reports, aren’t they going the way of the Dodo, in favor of RDD based BAQ reports?

Mr. Calvin: That is correct - the “Dynamic Ciriteria” report is the “new” reporting tool.

Sadly, there is no Epicor way of adding a new BAQ field to either a BAQ Report or a Dynamic Criterial report - you have to manually add the field to the RDL.


The need to manually edit the RDL’s query expression really seems hokey. I feel that the users customizations done to an RDL really should be about the layout and whatnot.

Epicor (the program, not the company) seems to be able to create the RDL’s query expression when.making a new report. Very surprising that there isn’t an option to rebuild the query expression from the RDD. You know, some way to sync them. :wink:

But seriously, a function to build a proposed query expression, and then the option to replace the existing one (maybe show the two side by side) would be a very handy tool.

And shouldn’t the bulk of the logic for the data (like table relations) be done in the RDD? Seems like the reasoning for the program not messing with an existing RDL’s query expression, is in case you customized it.

I always had an affection for BAQ reports. I know, I know, you can do an RDD-style report with a BAQ (or multiple), and I do this now and it works well. I do see the advantage.

But. BAQ Reports are perfectly effective for a very novice programmer. I had no idea what I was doing five years ago and those reports kept the company running.


The sync dataset button should have been removed a long, long time ago. I too instruct everyone to never use that button.



I do the same. BTW, I won the BBQ Set.

@bderuvo Best gameshow ever.

Have you ever read about the guy that memorized the random pattern and went on the show and broke it?

I love that show!
That is an amazing story too. It turned out the pattern was not so random and he timed it.

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Seems like an oxymoron to me!

(but the misuse of “random” is a pet peeve of mine)

Well, that’s the point. I know the difference, but this was the 80s, so “six different predictable sequences” was as close to random as a computer could do, I guess. Or maybe that was the maximum level of effort they thought they could get away with.

@ckrusen @bderuvo This is what we are talking about:

Following the official Epicor learning module: “Complete SQL Server Reporting Services Self-Paced Course” or “Create Report Style” brought me here because step #7 is:

Verify that the cursor is still on the newly-created style. Navigate to Styles > Style Detail sheet, click Sync Dataset.

I couldn’t find that button so I would like to thank you all for being more up to date than the official training.

However, that leaves me being a noob with no direction. I just added a couple of fields to my dataset. I need to get them in to my report.

What do?

There appears to be some a function that sounds similar but it doesn’t add new fields. It’s called “Analyze and Include RDD”. This function claims that everything is fine when it is not. So I’m not sure what it is supposed to do.