Synchronization between and Epicor?

I was asked to ask the forum about any synchronization between and Epicor. How it works? pros/cons? etc. any information would be greatly appreciated. (I’m not sure what they’re doing as yet but I can convey). Thank you

I believe we’ve done it at SixS, but not me personally. Either @Waffqle_De_LaCroix or @josecgomez most likely did.

I like to get people to list their requirements first. Two-way syncing is the most complicated and error-prone type of integration. With Salesforce, you’re generally not working offline (although you can in a limited fashion) but in “normal” use, you’ll be online. And if you’re online, giving a view into Epicor from Salesforce and a view into Salesforce from Epicor is a useful methodology. And by a “view” I mean pull down data via https and present it in a component. This loosely-coupled method is more resilient to upgrades too. But you have to get users to define their requirements. It’s been my experience that sales people in particular do not liked to be pinned down like that. :wink:

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