Syncing Custom UD_Field Column in QuoteHed and QuoteDtl Tables

We have a request to create a custom input, backed by a custom UD_Field column. This column is going to be used alongside the quote number. Our current quoting system uses a number that represents the month, day, year, sales rep initials and quote count. (ie. 050624AH1) We are wanting to add this column to the QuoteHed table to have an in-house searchable query that sales reps are familiar with. Do we need to create a custom column definition for the QuoteDtl table to hold the same value as the QuoteHed table? If so, would we use a Method Directive operation to achieve this?

I wouldn’t think you’d need to add the field to QuoteDtl. You could build a dashboard / report that includes the QuoteNum and the custom Quote field. The QuoteDtl records will link to the QuoteHed on QuoteNum.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try that solution and get back with you if it worked.