System Agent spawning multiple processes

2 days in a row now the system agent has spawned multiple processes for 2 different schedules
it started 16 different MRP processes at 11:30 pm schedule and over 100 dynamic query exports at 8:00 pm schedule.

I have opened a support case but was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior

Kinetic 2022.1.8

What does your System Agent show for scheduled tasks?

Only shows them once

I found this error on server:

RequestPath: /ADCO/api/rpc/Ice.BO.SysAgent/Update

An unhandled exception has occurred while executing the request.


Ice.Common.BusinessObjectException: Next run date/time: 8/27/2022 9:31:00 PM must be later than last run date/time: 8/27/2022 10:16:21 PM

We are seeing this same behavior in 2022.1 with a few of our processes that are scheduled to only run once daily in the system agent. Did you ever get to the bottom of this problem?


So far I have not. I sent the error detail to the support person assigned the case again this morning

CS0003261397 if you want to pile on

Thanks, we also have a case open with support. I will update this once we identify a root cause/solution/workaround if I haven’t heard from you first. We are testing on 2022.1.9.


Support advises the issue is addressed in the 2022.1.9 patch
current is .11

Interesting because we are on 2022.1.9 and we are experiencing the issue and we see the same error in the Task Agent event log that you shared.


Issue still exists in .11

I guess Support will have to update the script they read from…

I just started seeing this on Jan 25, 2023.
Two Daily schedules at 10PM and 11:45 PM - 5 and 6 days a week. They seem to spawn until midnight.
.Net errors at both times.
Kinetic 2022.1.16

We had this issue and reported it to support back in September 2022. The case was moved to problem PRB0256224 and was supposed to be fixed in the 2022.1.15 update. Not sure if it fixed it but we changed all of our tasks to UTC and don’t have the issue any longer.

2022.1.15 seemed to resolve the issue for us. Scott we were seeing the same issue, they would continuously spawn until midnight. Did you install the latest version of the task agent when you installed 2022.1.16?


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New everything. Task Agent Service
I solved the problem by removing the Time Zone parameter on the two tasks that run in the late evening.