System Monitor - External Service Status

What is the External Service Status? When I select it I see:


Which is really odd, because server USDATAPS00122 was our old App server from 10.1.400. We’re currently running just 10.2.300 on usdcaaps00371. That old server (xxx00122) has been decommissioned, and isn’t even on the network.

The window has the following menu Item:


Any Idea what that does?

It’s residual I suspect. Check the Ice.ExtServiceRegistration table.

Every server that has the Task Agent Service installed, once it connects to ERP creates an entry in this table. I get residual entries when I move a copy of Prod to Test since my AgentService is on a different appserver…

There is another post on here about moving from prod to test and some scripts a few of us wrote that removes this old entry… can’t seem to find it right now…

I didn’t realize that this was in the System Monitor and I think I’ll try it next time :slight_smile:

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