System Monitor Menu Item Removed

I’m not sure as of which version it started happening but “System Monitor”, while the menu items were still in our system and enabled, do not show up in the menu at all. I found that simply changing their name made them appear again. I feel like I heard rumbling about this already and I just disregarded it, but it became a user problem today as that is how I have always trained them to get back to that. The tray icon is usually behind “the arrow” and anything there is generally lost to the void.

UPDATE Menu SET MenuDesc = 'System Monitor (Print/Process Status)' WHERE OptionType = 'I' AND MenuDesc LIKE 'System Monitor'


I just ran this to get them all to pop back. Anyone have any official documentation of this as an issue that I can link to my internal Jira ticket?


THANK YOU I have been trying to get that back for a year!!!

Here is the last update I got from support (yesterday):"With that said, I do see that development does have a ticket to put it back on the menu. I don’t see a target on that at the moment, but I will find out. "


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I just added the menu item in menu maint. and haven’t had any issues, even after our pilot upgrade to 2024.1 yesterday.

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It’s under the Notifications menu in 2023.2 at least not sure what version it showed up in. It does open the less useful Kinetic version though.


Thats the kinetic system monitor, which doesn’t work.

The kinetic system monitor kinda works.
You just have to refresh it at each step.

I build a BAQ and added the grid to a tab on the home page.
Filtered as required.


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Design SSRS report does NOT work
And there is no display all tasks function

Two unacceptable gaps imo.