Tab order in kinetic (active) home page

Before I put in an “idea” request for this, there is no way to re-order the tabs in the kinetic/active home page, right?

Like in the pic below, is there a way to put the “JOBS” tab before the “PURCHASING” tab?


There isn’t in 10.2.400. Not sure if they’ve added it in 10.2.500 or 10.2.600. Would be a nice feature.

The only way I can see in 10.2.600.3 is to delete the tab(s) and add them in the order you want.

That’s the only way I know how to adjust the layout in 10.2.400.

@chaddb I looked at the 10.2.600 demo database and I don’t see a way.

@tsmith Right, not my favorite idea. You can move things from one tab to another, but still it’s no fun.

OK thank you gents. I will submit it.

Drop the link here so we can vote for it. Would save a lot of time to just add a reorder option.

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How do you delete a tab? I am on Kinetic 2021, and all I see is Add Widget, no Delete.


The fastest way I have found is to export the layout, and open it in a text editor.

<ShellLayoutDataSet xmlns="">
    <TenantID />
    <LayoutID />
    <ShellHomePage>&lt;HomePageDataSet xmlns=""&gt;

Find the HomeTileGroup you want to re-order, and go down to WebProperties. There is a “sequence” parameter than can be changed. Then simply re-import.


This looks like a complicated fix…but was actually very simple. Great Tip, thanks fredmeissner :grinning:

Looks like we have to wait for 2024.1 release to see this “improvement”. In the mean-time… it’s “rename” your tabs then relocate the tiles to their new home. Or… what fredmeissner shared above.

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