Tab visibility

I have modification of QuoteEntry form. Among other things I did there I hid People tab.

There weren’t any problems until some users requested they want to have this tab back.
I just changed Visible back to True and tab appeared obediently. So I saved customization and opened the form once again. The problem is that People tab is still invisible :frowning: Even this didn’t help.

private void QuoteForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
	((Erp.UI.App.QuoteEntry.MainPeopleSheet)csm.GetNativeControlReference("cdcd04d1-36af-4ed9-b2fe-85bbf1125cb5")).Visible = true;

Ani ideas?

Try commenting the code instead of making true.
Clear the client cache once and re-login.

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It desnn’t make sense to comment this code as I just added it to make tab visible.
Why I should expect diferent result than that when I didn’t have this method at all?
I think you misunderstood.

Cache cleared so many times…

A change like this will require also deleting any user personalizations. Personalizations take precedence over the base form and any customizations.

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@pawel.malicki try saving customization with a different name. Recently I ended up re-doing entire customisation as customisation was referring to a deleted UD field even though it was not referred anywhere in the code.

@bmgarver My customization does not have any personalizations.
@Arul Saving it with different name didn’t help. None of UD field were deleted.

Could it be that BaseExtension is responsible for this somehow. I see there is base extension installed by some other developer I can’t reach now.

I have a request to hide the Supplier Bank\Remit To tab depending on user groups. I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how to achieve it.