Table dependancies list?

I have searched around but been unable to find a resource that has a list of all the tables with dependencies, like Part has product group and part class that it connects with.

We have finally given up upgrading and are just going to re-implement using DMT and I am just trying to make sure we have all our t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you, but I would suggest perhaps consider working with a professional Epicor partner when implementing (if you’re not already). This will cost $$ but will ensure you are implementing correctly. Another plus side is that you will learn so much along the way with the “right” way to implement and structure this data. Going it alone is both daunting and potentially a huge waste of resources if it’s not done properly

The Migration section in DMT is a good place to start. It’s going to list lots of things you might not need, but it should be helpful. It also lists things in the order they need to go in. For example Part Class in a Phase 1 and Part in is Phase 2.