Task Agent - Freezes on stopping

I have run into a few instances when printing has stopped and I recycle my App Services and the Task Agent locks up. In the Epicor admin console it appears to recycle fine but in Windows System it shows that it is stuck stopping. I can only fix it by rebooting the server. Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks Kim

We used to get it but don’t any more. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which fixed it out of going from 10.1.400 to 10.2.200, separating out our dev environments onto a different server, or going virtualised on a more powerful server. They all happened at the same time and cured the problem for us.

But I can say that if you don’t want to reboot your server every time, you can kill the Task Agent task from the command line on the server, and then restart it from Windows Services. That’s what we got quite familiar with doing.

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Do you by chance have the kill command?

taskkill, yes.

IT admins thought our increased rights were a lesser evil than constant reboots and support calls.


Typically if reports aren’t running, I only restart the task agent service via the admin console and I leave the app pools alone. 99% of the time cycling only the task agent service fixes reports/processes that are hung up. Some companies like to have the task agent run on a separate server from the appserver to help with performance and load balancing if they are printing a lot reports.

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