Task Agent - Print Jobs Stuck in Immediate Run Request

All of my end user’s print jobs keep getting stuck in “immediate run request” and will not execute until after I restart the “Epicor Task Agent” service using services.msc. We are running Kinetic 2022.1.9 aka I have one app server configured along with a single task agent. Both the app server and task agent are setup with SSO. The SSO works as expected and users are able to sign in automatically to Kinetic with their AD account. The task agent service is also setup properly and is set to use an AD account to login and run. The service successfully starts using said AD account either on demand or after a server reboot. Please advise on next steps or other things that I can try. I can provide additional information as needed.

One other note is that after I restart the task agent service print jobs are successful on demand for I’d say maybe a couple hours and then they start dropping into “immediate run request” status again. I can then restart the service again to get them to execute and buy myself another couple hours, but the same thing will always occur.

We have something like that happen and we uninstalled the Epicor Task agent and reinstalled the task agent and so far so good.

@matthew.heck I follow Nathan’s advice in this post and have a second background app server just for processing with three task agents. I have not had issues in years, but if I did I could recycle or stop/start this without users being aware.