Task Set & Completing Tasks Assistance Needed

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We are currently exploring the Case Management module in our test environment as we would like to shift to having our returns and warranties flow through cases. I have created tasks, task sets, a Workflow Group and workflow stages. When I add the workflow with the default task set of CM - RMA Process, I am able to complete the first two task in the workflow but then get stuck. Need some assistance in figuring out if I setup the task set incorrectly. I must be missing something. I reached out to Epicor a week ago and still don’t have a SOW for the 1 hour of time I feel I need to get this straightened out. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Can you post each of your configurations for this task set and workflow? They can be tricky no doubt. It’s probably something minor

Please see attached and advise if you need more information.Task, Task Sets, Workflow.docx (112.3 KB)

Does it always stop you from moving forward at the RMS Save SDS Step?
Does each task have a “Next Milestone” defined? It doesn’t appear so from the screenshot, but that would cause you to not be able to move forward.

Ahh ok, so every milestone needs a next milestone linked to it unless it is the last milestone?

Correct. You’ll also want to define if the task can go “backwards”, i.e. someone approved a task that shouldn’t have been approved, one of the available next milestones should be the previous task in the flow. Not sure if that’s applicable to you or not though


Thank you so much Aaron! Adding the next milestone helped me get through the process. I will keep in mind adding the previous milestones as well if we want to be able to jump back to a previous task. Now I need to think about what we want mandatory and what we can automate.

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