Tech Reference Guide - Def Rev?

I tried to review the Tech Ref Guide for Deferred Revenue, but the download is for Asset Mgmt. Am I just having a nightmare of a Monday already?


Thanks for any clarity here…


Found another one…

The Shipping and Receiving User Guide pulls up the Asset Mgmt User Guide.

Hi Marsha!

What happens if you open a new browser window using InPrivate/Incognito mode, log in, and try to download again?

My download page looks different and it is a user guide not a tech ref. I downloaded the DR guide last week and it was correct. I did find a 2022.2 tech ref that the title page of the PDF was DR, but the content was Asset Mgt.

Here is where I got the 2023.1 guide


I tried the InPrivate mode and it did not help. I agree the DR User Guide is correct.

I’m trying to see the “Deferred Revenue Accounting Transaction Hierarchy Guide” as listed under the Technical Reference Guides. the title page says DR, but the content is Asset mgmt.

The other one is the “Kinetic Suppliers and Accounts Payable User Guide” as listed un the User Guides. the content is also the Asset mgmt. I did find the correct document by using your path.

The document for DR Hierarchy using your path still pulls up the Asset Mgmt.

Does this exist somewhere?