Tell me you use Epicor without you saying you use Epicor

In vantage we used to be able to…

…pretend we were working because the software was garbage? :sweat_smile:

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Worse yet… in Man Man we could… :face_vomiting:

Still get this today, I can’t really say much cause I was never exposed to Vantage as the production system till now… Moving a company from vantage 8 to kinetic. I still don’t know enough about vantage to point out the pros and cons of the subject matter they are talking about when they say, “in vantage we used to be able to…”

A comment when i first started here 15 yrs. ago… Lets work around the system as it can’t do what we need. So let’s create an access database and store business related data in our database.

… open about 5 windows before crashing the system…

it is fixed in the next release or you need to upgrade to next release.

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…which will be released in 6 months…

“We offer a great Pilot/Testing environment.”

“It’s run on the latest 486DX2 66!”

Our inventory transfer method will change the bin that you are moving inventory to without telling you.

Enter doesn’t do anything. You have to hit Tab.

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Not true anymore in 2022.2!!!

Support said to put in an Idea to fix my issue.

You get asked to submit ideas but they sit for years, only to slowly fade away.

Starting dumpster fires is illegal today…

Snl Oh No You Didnt GIF by Saturday Night Live

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Actually hasn’t been true for several years at least…



Right, at least since we went live in 2016.

I hate using enter as tab because if you are someone who might be hammering out entries in a grid, Enter = new record is a huge time saver. But if Enter = tab, this does not work.