Text in a BPM to display multiple lines

epicor version 9.05.701

I think this one should be fairly straight forward…i’m writing a BPM to return standard text. The bpm works, however in the field i want the text to appear it returns it as one continuous string.
How do i write the syntax in the bpm to display the text in this format…

“text line 1”
“text line 2”
“text line 3”

instead of it showing “text line 1 text line 2 text line 3”

Thank you in advance. (i did check that the field in question is set to multi-line so i think this is just how to write the syntax within the bpm)

Hi @Rowley150,
Line feed character, text line 1 \n text line 2 will give you 2 separate lines in the result.

There have been some posts suggesting using system based values, like:


use in code as …

multitext = "Line 1" + Environment.NewLine + "Line 2";

That is supposed to be a lot more portable than a LINEFEED control character. After all, do you want:

  • \n -line feed (LF)
  • \r - carriage return (CR)
  • \n\r (LFCR)
  • \r\n (CRLF)

BTW - new lines (and tabs) in a dashboard field, don’t usually copy to Excel very well