The following tables were not synchronized due to errors

On 10.2.

Added a UDField countless times, never had an issue. I added some UDFields in UD Column Maint to the ShipDtl_UD table (already existed). Stopped app pool, and regenerated the data model. 1 - 2 minutes in, I get the error in the subject of my post, but it lists a whole ton of UDTables other than the ShipDtl_UD table (the one I added my fields to). Checked out the log and for each table listed in the displayed error, the log shows "The ALTER TABLE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint.

Has anyone ran into this before? Thank you for reading, cheers!

Hi Jeremy,

I ran into this last week but on the Part_UD table. I believe the issue was that I accidently changed the data type (probably of an existing UD field) but I am not 100% on that. I think I found it by comparing the test environment to the live environment.

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Hello! Thank you for the response! We ended up finding orphaned UDRecords… tons of them. If anyone hits this in the future, get your SQL hat on and count the records on your primary tables that appear in your error and then compare that count to your UD’s count. You’ll likely find a higher number on your UDs than your primaries. Somebody updating records via SQL? Oyvey…

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