The "JobClosingDataSet name that field" game

Does anyone have a clue what the following field in a JobClosingDataSet is?

JobClosing.QuantityContinue (integer)

I believe this is a yes/no for use in Job Closing if the CompleteQty < ProdQty. If the quantity is less and this flag is not set then the job will not close. You can toggle this to yes and then report less complete qty. and close.

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You rock, thanks!


If you test the job closing screen, there are a couple of pop up warnings that you can get.

One is pending inspection do you want to continue?

The other is completed quantity is less than production quantity continue?

There many be others. I think a 0 is a no and 1 is a yes to these prompts.

But test this…

Brad Boes

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Thank you as well Brad, you are both correct it appears.