The lot number you entered is not available No Option creates Lot!

Doing some testing in Customer shipment entry. If we enter in a lot number that doesn’t exist we get prompted with a message: “The lot number you entered is not available. Do you want to create this new lot?”

If you click No and run a query in the erp.partlot table, search by lot and you find a record!

Anyone using Lot tracked parts and have seen this? Seems a bit obtuse, click no and it creates a record!

May be this LOT number does not have any record in the erp.partbin, due to same this error is coming.

Hello @prash172

Just to clarify question is why does a partlot record get created even though the user responded no to prompt. My expectation is if you click no, do nothing, except set the focus to the field in question to allow the user to change.

Just to add to this, even if you click yes, what will happen is that the user will get another message stating “Not a valid warehouse and bin” because the From Inv Bin field is blank.

That looks like a ShipDtl record that has that lot number listed as the lot for the transaction which will have to be valid by the time you save that record. Have you looked in PartLot for that lot before and after?

Did exactly that and sent the details to support, They confirmed it as a problem.