"The quantity entered exceeds the quantity completed for this job" warning error doesn't make sense!

Sometimes, when we are trying to receive parts to stock from a job, Epicor will put up a warning message that “the quantity entered exceeds the quantity completed for this job”. We can click through the warning message and receive the parts to stock anyway, but the issue is that sometimes the warning makes no sense. For example, this morning we tried to receive 44 pieces to stock from job 41087. At the time, the job was showing 44 pieces complete on assembly 0 (there is only one operation on asm 0). Why would Epicor put up a warning that the quantity being received to stock exceeds the quantity completed on the job when it didn’t?

Is there any operations not complete? Does the completed quantity in the job show 44? Did you do a Job Receipt to Stock transaction? Just curious on your steps.

You’ll get that warning if you do a Receipt of Job to Stock, before Reporting a Qty completed.

Run the Production Detail report for that job, and include “Print Mtl Trans” and “Print Operation Trans” options.

Were there any nonconformances done? Check labor detail in Job Tracker.

All of the above. It’s almost always a WIP move issue (under reporting of an OP somewhere or NC’ed qty’s diverting WIP and reducing net qty complete without full processing and/or a qty yield adjustment on the job to reflect losses).

E10 is more vocal about the warnings than E9 was. That’s probably a good thing as E9 let you silently do things that SERIOUSLY screwed up job costing and resulting received inventory value (depending on your cost method).