The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized


I am running into an issue when printing SSRS reports on our 10.1.500.13 system. The error that I am getting is: The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized. I can print preview all the reports and then still print (except for AP Checks ofcourse), so my users have a workaround. I can also view and edit any of the reports in the reporting structure. The issue started spreading from a single user that wasn’t able to print a single document to many users, so it wasn’t that a service account got locked out and all of a sudden nobody could print. Epicweb shows some answerbooks that give suggestions that pertain to setting a domain user account on Epicor SQL Report Server Monitor, but that I found out is just for those that converted Crystal Reports. Google has many reports of this issue, but it is hard to figure out how to proceed when the error thrown in Epicor does not specify whether it is a 401.1, 401.2, 401.3 or other 401. error.

Support has been mulling this one over for the last few days with no progress.

-Nothing recently changed in terms of network infrastructure, and no patched were applied.

Any words of wisdom?



For those interested: issue was resolved with the help of Nathan Anderson: it was found that our trusted service account was no longer allowing SSRS requests to happen. The account did not show as locked out and continued to work for other services. No mention in the error log either. Created a new service account and used this for the App Pool and on the App Server. Printing fixed.