The same material marked as purchase direct on DIFFERENT jobs combine to one PO line as separate releases... Is there any way for them to create separate PO's altogether?


Is there any way to flag a material to never be combined on a PO line when it is needed for multitple purchase direct requirements in the same time frame?

Thanks in advance for any help.


If you are using PO Suggestions, then process each suggestion separately.

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Does the part number have the consolidated purchasing box checked?


There is a part class setting that does impact this area. The checkbox for Split PO Line will look for purchasing comments and not combine suggestion with different comments. It is built for buy direct items where the comments are critical to the PO.

Not sure if that helps your situation or not…


Thank you so much, I will test it out! From the sound of it, it seems like it would be perfect. @BoostERP


Did this work for you? I’m trying to get this to work, but it’s still combining the lines even though there are different comments.

I would have to test this again, it has been a while.

Note that this setting is for the PO/Purchasing COMMENTS not Description. I’ve found that most of the time people tend to want to change the Description instead of the Comments. I have created an Idea on Epicor’s Idea site, check it out and vote if you’d like to see this change:
Split PO Line on Description | Epicor ERP Ideas (