Throughput Report for Shop

We have had many variations of a Throughput Report in Vantage dating
back to Vantage 4.0. Every time someone in management wants to know how
well the shop is doing compared to estimates I get a request to
create/modify the Throughput Report. Our struggle is centered around
how to measure it. We cannot use pieces completed, we more often than
not try to use the Sales Price of the unit being worked on. We take the
jobs being completed and add up the Sales Price of the unit, the hours
worked on it and then report that data.

The newest version of the report will be geared more toward the resource
group with an overall number for the shop calculated separately.

Is anyone else doing something similar? How do others measure
performance in the shop?

Our goal is to see if new processes or increased labor affect the

Thanks in advance,

Doug Oswald

Manager of Information Systems and Facilities

Fleetwood Fixtures

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