Tie Kinetic Flow verses 1 EDI Source HQ

Thanks for this info. We are also rolling out 1EDI for customer EDI. So far so good. Would you mind giving me some additional information about the financial integration? We are looking to do an 820 for one of our customers. Is that what you have the BAQs set up for? Please feel free to message me and we can link for a call or email exchange.

@EPETERS I will send over the BAQ as examples and you can try it out. I then schedule these to export to a ftp server and 1 EDI source picks it up and maps it. IF this works for you let them know its what the did for General Tools and I can share the details with you on who mapped it.

I am free pretty much today and traveling monday/tuesday of next week. let me know if you want a phone call or email chat

@EPETERS you can email me at j.dillon@generaltools.com

Here are the BAQ I have used

NT_PaymentFile_WIRE.baq (45.5 KB)
NT_PaymentFile_Check.baq (74.8 KB)
NT_PaymentFile_ACH.baq (45.4 KB)

John, thanks for the info and the call!!

Pleasure talking with you today Eric. Anytime.